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tv   Full Measure With Sharyl Attkisson  NBC  February 14, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm PST

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iocaptntn coanent acd visit] ylshar: h, elloi'arm shyl at sotkisn. omwelc "e tofull mreeasu." isthk, wee f theh renconnatial mbasseotly vn es ondexteaing st ofate rg eme iencyfen efct sinceve no'mberssl iamic emextratist s.tack se tycurist is hiill n gh ispari th wied armme gun tn ontrhe seets atand es site likfathe mous eleiffer tow. fo e r thchfrenat, th one ifhorrigic necht bthame eir 9/ . 11 and like many americans, life may never be the same. t scotanthumnd fou f thehrenc e arovdiscg erinw a neltresu and iopatr.tism --es ru aolveatnd pisriotm. sc pott:, arismbnove 1er013, 25, th une sof ds otya cier und si ege.
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ri pas siananat r--dom ro a cwded ea th pter,d ackes cafeand re rastau ants,or majce socr ma tch. de130 , adarne 4ly i00urnj. ed a and onnatit tha sonceveurvid th cue oconpatiar of wmiesowas n de untar aty ck bw a neemen iy,n is the, cas t onedihat dn'wet ar if un aormsrond ps misetrto sike n.agai hi>> t ps is aaris'nd im an am aneric. sc tott:omhe r oancerif pas isn'jut pst actrodu of ywholl iood,t'hes in irenten th ci ty'ics monicenonumndts a urpicte esqus cafeap-- cd turein e thsephraie "jovi de " vre,the y joifof le. bu ret thnte moaths lther, e sh reatteasd glils stndl ses an in ommeous e ssagha-- tet th etbullers piboced ivth lndes a th y e waivof lheing re. t --ayhe wli of fe. heat til carcalon thfe, tee si heof tst firot sho ping,nsatro w nowisit cth aularef, eye ysalwart aleto as t' whas ndarou .them t >>ighe bng thi i nowats th th reey aot shopeing iopleen th etstrends raomly.
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todowneswn rantaurt. he>> tasre wic bas nallyyobod oranym te ineshe rantaursots, adwe h t, innihe i dtialays af wter,d e hathsomeliing ke tw eto, b tweenndwo a p sixeeopl a inenn evtoing e haverdinn, so asit wll reapty emy. t:scot a twoixnd spl peouse, jt fo nnr dier? >> . yes sc iott:s t haunreboa ded bit, tobut i sayt'cks bawh to tat i s war prioheto tac attouks wld an mee mor jthanfiust gllin at ses. it ld woun meavea le cl ofrtomfo at thha is o rd t bcomey. he t re abathe antacler, thee ar en plf ty oicphysemal rrsinde of hwhatneappe td --ulhe blet s,hole b thecaarri tdes,rehe fsh bo tsuquefl of s,ower i butt's wh ouat y' dont --see t tha vi ine sibletanxi ty --fohat lks shereasay h m theimost . pact at whht migpe hape n th dnextay, mwhat bightste juun aroed th xt nene corndr, at thahyis w the chfren n aredmow angittiy the ve hali to itve wath why the ll cahe, "t n newl.orma" th s is imathe r nageheof tnd gra te hol. >> au bect'se is elike dveryay yo enu opr youndtv ay thetell u yoe maybyou' gre toingeo di to mday, yaybeou' gre toingeo di to aday,hand tt'rrs te, ibleand
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kn ow. ot scn t: i rsomectespehes, ty d di sknowhiometlsng ee was g goinapto hafpen thter e bl pursisheth of tie salrica pepa"cr rlha hiedoebwe" re ta edrgeta in lydeadac attstk ju on10 mbeths .fore >> kn we haew that "c hrlieebdo" wa tas a , rgett so at leasether anwas la exponnati. w it bas ahoig sbuck, tht wi an anexpln.atio e therit'ans r othey.stor it'jus eost pgople ouing tot in th ree stanets ood shting er evy.ybod it 's repuad buc lifk ou yre a th ere. t:scot r thel ecoiaris hd to ig renoes, cipelyalmo ang istourwhts, w o nollstro by iesolditrs wtih intimidang ha rerdwath on waeir y to an frce'mos amst fsious .ghts y >>eeou sic polthe wi t allhe agunst'nd is okindarf scy. >> in i k ed oftexpec,d it kn g owin hwhatapad hd,pene but ' its e quitroconfg ntinjust se ieingt. t no tused.o it >> as i wnk thinoing ct totoome
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kithini ng, k thinit'bes tttero cjumpryountt thacoand uentin ou avr trtoels ma gerny. sc iott: sf its oundlifamioar t us e , ontipoliancal t alyssays hoit suld. i >>rmn te ss of otatendf mi as pua poonlati a, weusre jket li e thicameropan pioulatstn ju te af11r 9/. in t, fact' thas wwhatvee ha and iwhatn meahaby t wt ise e arin st a ofate e pursiand mple ycpshosis, we are in a state of obgl palchsyisos. otscust: j at asf ll oicamera vi rea ved nsse pe of iridedn ol or gld y anemanthres weg sunwith wereneotd em fion,e rancis fe g elintoit, o. 0-a 60-oyearotld madto me a me co hback "ere,tuflucecat n me itrg" ur t--seos bd, nutot su , nkkeli s ap hierbatted in h roug.seas t >>ache m rhine hight were,hich p isinrintagg flass, wki worng al ghl nid t andaall d y anngduri l alwethe ek. sc eott:qunzo m onia tsaysunhe r on tcohis y'untrs cotri- wlorsas
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zo enop: peeele frel mo co tamforbeble e,causor befee th ev , entsasit woc assd iatewith ex e tremmemove pnts,icolital memove ants,t nd ibawas end se vi ha fng ah renc iflagrn ou us hoe. sh g owinaga flno is aw anfct o in goaig agthnst rre tetsoris. de : niseini th wk itroas pybabl th mee sa i wayem remgober toing yonew bork a yut alaear anter d i tfeltevhat neeryo c hadome thtogeer. in ra fe,nchi tiss i , elfehi ts, o to f-- itheel lat af ot othe chfren c areg ominthtogeer. t:scotis denuve prisost an icamervia lin ng is pariwho, hwithamer f rily,a uns aldent ac pr.tice ni demyse: gh nei wborsalere l ta g m pe wopletaere g.lkin in is parat, thsn doe'ppt haen. t:scotth so waere ses a ofnse
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rebefo? sedenist: a srong oensef uncommity. ot scutt: bsa to aty theh somow th uris sn ge idasoli irityens se a as w fix bouldcie degevin e' ons .self w >>vee hale to toarn e livwith tethe isrrorm. th i think d e olragene, tionthey di t d no tknowrierro sts. r ouragene otione f th21st urcente y, w thavearo levin ling wi heth tro ters.rist a >>e t thntmome c, wet annohave y anf proo tthatrohe p iblems so alved tnd i ihinkt'ts no lv sonyed a way. i soght mippt hagaen ain. igit mapht hagpen inain nc frae, bu u t yo iknowy t maenhapp in r othetrcoun ties,inoo, op eure or n evehein t. u.s ot schit: wasch hdu proced heanotber so sringiaimil trityo th ste po1 -9/1edunitte stas. us>> jket lith in ite uned st aates 9fter w/11,vee haig a b ob proflem g thengrowire hatd ai agthnst sle muopim pioulat n. i'nom yit sahang tert amsican mebecaal -- tl of--hem -mantim,uslii- antarab pu poonlatit , bu osomeemf th, me soth of egem bo an t vfeelery ro statng hagred t ains pthatart heof tul popn.atio we e havsathe rome p. blem sc yott:ou' sreg eein hthatere no fw ine?ranc >> h, yeaar clely. rlcleay. sc aott:hind wucle sach retion wo hauld eeve bpen ex actedmong so me nat, ionsrain f tnce,shi ty f pe o htalkonas leng be
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>> i if edwantma to ke a sa asrcc tikejoi , ulwosad thy at ra icisme s thblnew ack, ba llsicay. c basistracide tens ncieand thsomeliing 0 ke 25 or 1syear saago tying yhat,ouou wavld he sbeend acke tfromovhe genernmt st ju v thesaery ayme d. da toouy, yom becime pre mi ernist. ot scart: h lshersiaws r milato pathe t trio sact,tetricrdr boer ch , ecksthand iqe ubusuitow sho eaof wy,ponrof prot tha ithiss a panew ris. th wiqu mosndes uorer mtce wahful es ey t andlahe gfrres ehom bind e plats glasowby nry lee pa anrisikes may manerwond if cthiswiity vell etur reorn t stits ooorybttk seing. >> hi i tt nk i rwilln eturto alnorm i butllt wie tak. time sc bott:arut ps is iabprobly al gways toing ao bege tart? ro>> py,bablba probly. sc aott:hend tac attn ks ispari
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he rel.arsa coacg rdinreto fmench dia rtrepoots quining igtellence cioffi 2als,wa015 ths noaning d th rre tetsoris m areg ovinrdtowa eu a anrope1, 9/1h witckattas on sathe ayme ddi in enffert co ieuntrs. sc acott:incord fg toh rencamedi po requrts inoting llteenig wcet hae areythoi go ng tdo ab itout ? sh : aryllepeop sheay te y arnot indoeng ghou. de e spitrethe acentksttac, th weere o re nngfiris or gnresinsatioth in ene frch inigtell senceesourc t andishat thwhy isere a nowk lacof idconf.ence ar shreyl: iallyesnter.ting an tho ks s, mucht scotanthum. d aheafuon "eall m" sure-- nwithamew hrepshiin behdd an utsocah liro anaadheth, e tipolicacal gnmpaiads heo inta wh neole asw phe. we 'alll tthk wi p twoicolital making akers wboutmahat 20kes 16
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arshthyl: mae reginin idpresalentidi cans datehave chlaunroed fw m neshhamptoire e th pnexts rizeheon tpa camign l traiev-- nanada utd soh ca naroli. as f the nieldwsarroe, th mp cas aignthand speir ngendi ll wiom becree morc fiede an cu fosed. mathe okinge f thidpresinent is thct eleyeion ilar wvol inlve po calitictl taics. wlast keek,akingmfrers otom bh tipolipacal s,rtieub repnlica me a,ssinea apptored ergeth and tgave vheir oiewsatn wh's diffenerout t ab20the e.16 rac : karlheon ts ide ofch mar, it a was dabad ry foae cansar d it oiis go ng t pbe ay rettdabad y cafor atndides. ylsharrl: kae rovarwas ecchitt of t theucwo sfucessl
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di mrect telail,ioevisn, hi els it and s to goe t one--heory and ndkarl are b i aseoth hieing ts pin thedentresiraial sces, a - well -le apeopetre goting s nfmuch itionorma m, sowsuch ne y --uyou ge s arricoveheng tse ca aimps gniqubtouilyusha tt people start to look at their fr ndieans fad lymio tlphehe tm gufi ore wutt ha dtoino se the s sortecof dnsisio. es prt idena,obam20 in be12, came fithe inrst encumbest prt idento n wijoa ma oritye f thciundeded te von rs ifithe twnal yso da e sincn nixo97in 12. en wh a youeoplsk py,e wh why ovthey mo obed tinama in the fal tw , o daysof t86% sahem id be mycause ends fri f andyamil ta o lked tboutme a c thenampaig weand m didofost t thaon so mcial. edia sn iapchatnus now mber oneit wh yo erung am icans. atsnapch didn'exist rit duheng t 1220ma obapa cam ign. d anit'nos mbw nuneer o. soand hi i thank wu't yoll inconto ue tissee p theorlatfms wi onll ce tinuhato c nge. t bu wwhaton'cht iangeops pele ingettvog inited wadh leers th aney cie i
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onto cdasolihate td t an ahave agmessd e ansia vioron fs thi trcounll dy wialo rel ly welon so edcial mia. an e d th wonesreho an'dt an don'wot n't. ka thrl: arese ole toats th are smostssuccey fullnused i mb coioinat on with tthers.hing ' its vean a inue,t't s nondin e i off,tsel it'a s s meanto a go . al an thd gatl oa tisreo rntuo t 18 , 44enwh y angouaw lr yein ga saouma c inty,oillinots wre a erletthi to mps ca caignttommiee an idd saak, "mpee a t rfeclist v ofs,otere havunthe dedecid lk tao ed tomby s heoneineld co ennfidance, ed oniolecty,n da ke mae sur ethat wveryishig ou brtoght p the."olls ra abliham n ncolprwas gettyood pr caactilil poantici w, asasell esa prt,iden t andmphe intorta t poin"hwas thave dee undscide talk o ed teoby somy ne thehold in fi con" dence,iswhich t wha soci edal mowia allo s us tndo i a po ulwerfadly broon fashi. ji ebm: fack oowould have saved him some time. [lau r]ghte : karlghthou i'nom ret suha he d a mfacefoade cer gh[lauter] arshroyl: avend messina also addressed the delegates game. so smetetaars e wi ernnak-t-aes. ll
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parurty mles,store aatesre li spg ttingadeletes op pronorti, allyh whicd coulmake a for dlateioecis tn onhe no e.mine ka we hrl: a ave relot mos state athatonre grdna awa their tedelegaops pronorti aallynd is thns mea c thestonte i is,n my op n inioe'-- wrena gon go ng loprer, lyobab t allayhe w to e thenconv. tion i'nom rtt cei ain thsee tat a cothe tinvene on wacgo bk to th d e ole style of w 7have nd caesidat n allatomined, robackeaom drels ae, mad and r aftefithe orrst on secd ba , llot atheyroll dt.p ou k i thinwe'oingre gth to e enticonviton wmeh so wbodyasho h -- ' whoons e theofdge a ritymajo c andlylear the fr unneontrd r ank i thinthere e will bolidconsn atio ibehindt. webut o, may gir the fimest t 19since more48, n thaone llot ba. i jim:nk t thicohat lpuld he the e thstold e yl wofhae 7ve ca idnd aatesomll nedinat, ba omckrols dea m are aade,nd af thter rse fi st ordecon ll bathot, lley ap droout. ini th'k wereng goith to e re icpublpoans iatent lly. 2 in t008, whereotas l ps ofarty rseldeki talbong aowut h i badt wa ats thma oba c andonlintt wen t toerhe vd y enhoand w di ulffic ct it bouldr e foour rageneecl el ctioneshanc. an e trd thisuth pp the oosite wa . s true
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s statehe pin tryrima. uiltwe ban orgn,izatio we gu fit red outhwho ode go lu vorstnee, areuiwe betlt bter da .ta ca mcn in icha muon strger tiposisoon, hi i tarnk kl's ri ght. 'rl: were g toinghro go tough so y mantstwisur and tns and llus azy dizth by mee tige we t t todehe i ms of.arch la[appuse] arshanyl: atd whut abohe tmp tru ro sh finiwa in io tel was.ling he trl: hthougul the res di dn'apt toply . him he b wasthigger t nhe diduildot bro a gmeund ga in a. iow m: ji i' svepuaid lyblicwo it uld ke mali my mefetith if e re cipublwoans nould temina na doruld tmp. i' dllwho evat ieran co tlphe. th ouat we ld b otrued f te,cruz too. ha itve at . rt unfoy,unatel doe godt s nolike me h enougive to gonus dald tr anump thd i heink 'onll cetinu to k sinhein t, pollsonebut wething ve'n see iso fars edunprbiicta alityllnd aus of , bo f th oouus wld' tvehthoug he d woul bhavegoeen y ne bnow. sh : aryl awhen iskedf a
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ouwithe t thinback ag ofer sup c, pah botsamen noid, . ve ro m andnaessiea appatred a htowndeall tbateihat de mod ratearin sa,asotri floda to ef benheit tgl rincoing elleg br liasary atsociion. ilsteal ah "d on mfullreeasu" -- idpresobent deama rslive his blastt udgeonto cs.gres ayhe ma be dlametruck tyingo y lasca fiegal lacy.
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in wtotoha sh: arylueon t, sdayidpresent a obamitsubmhited ghs eianth, d la bust, pdgetsaropol to recongss. at 1 $4.litriliton, 'es th rg laofest a hisisdminiotratn or toany e. dat re icpublinans gr con wess,hich roconthels tur p sseintr, gsveha al adredey arcl iedadt de on ar l.riva fowe " tllowonhe mtoey" see why. . presa:obamse the p aresaropols fl red ectehein tge budatt th rk wo u ford s anagnot t ainsus. it er adho es t ylastear's rtbipa bisant udgeemagre ient,t
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al herethcami, imiogratndn, a tax rmrefo. ar shevyl: iten weh th es prt'idens rt"smain sav hgs,"is fi spnal ngendin plad wouledriv up d thefrebt omhe tre cur19nt $ litrilo on t4 $27.litrilveon or the next decade. that's rdaccotoing o theeffic of ag mant emenbuand . dget hwithrois pl,posasi predent a obam lwill oeavee fficnghavi r neveosprop bed at udgethat ba eslanc. so f me onethe enw sp idingen th co re4.rd $il1 tr plionlan cl in -udes- $7 il.5 b flionheor tta pentogon fi isght - is -% a 50eaincrse er ov c thenturrege budt, $1 il.8 b tliongho fiet th sq mo-suitod prea vzika,irus 2. $1ll2 bifoion odr fo aid og pr,rams d anil$4 b tlionpao exnd co ermputen sciroce ps gramin sc s.hool thbut pue reanblictr-condolle co ssngre a hasdylreae madit cl itear 't s noniplano ng tewrit ch a toeck er cov p thederesint's dispenlang pn.
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it pr "a ssogremaive fnualor ow grthing dee fegoral mevernnt." sp keear ryan: the way we hold the obama administration accountable is controlling their budget. and that's why having the power of the purse and a functioning ap oppratrinsioro pssceer ssve th gatl.oa d anatth's why i'm confident we'll figure this out. sharyl: on the income side, the etbudgls calor fli eminating tax breaks for the wealt, hypoimngsi ne few oesthn lae esrgbat snk , a and a $10 elbarr o taxn e crud oil. ovaler tl, bheudget would increase taxes b$2y ri.6 tnllio er ov c theg omindedecaen, ev as it ve dri ts upebhe dowt, hh muc u.the wes. os s, atecoun td inhe s. natdenal lobt cck we e.bsit it o alsesdrivth up dee felra de t,fici m howmouch here t. u.s is nd spething t an ialactuly has. re icpublansl wilelbe rngeasi th oweir dgn bun et icothe ming s.week
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sh: arylu.the avs. ny is es pr nsinghiew sntps ityo du. e'thers nethe $arlyil13 blion geuss rraldrd. fone, a asw cls of cr aircaaft r,rriech whis goe to invi serhice tris spng. an e d thatdramauic lofnch the w nesiuss cioux woty tks wee ago. cboth tlaimveo ha l thetates notech flogyheor ty' navs alglob pr esencela of n te istthe rait h ofz ormuhein tea midndst a in sicrea inglye n thh soutchina se a. webut ic notneed ong thit tha sn ha'ant chfoged har a lf ce y nturhi-- so ps geato s tepainttd baipleshy. gre
4:53 pm
t memaone o n whodintr uuceds to so hime sf ps offa dit erenr.colo ji s m: auna yoy,g boad i h a st poroer frlm wor d wathone at ng humy in ro bedndom ash it owed a rodestcoyer tminge o thueresc a ofch mershant ndip a the de yestros r watepainand orndge a ue blll andds kindi of enffert co alors tnd ihthoughi, "ts is idso rouicul ts --wohey uld r nevet pains ship tlike"hat. ar shbuyl: att th'acs exwhtly at th idey d. jim bruns tis dheecirr to tofhe tinaalonus mm eu tof uhe. .svyna in as wnghin,to.c d. thelselhe tto s orythf are oft wa r. rdin oo er te evadgethe rman bo u- tats,.she ud . anisbrith
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etsk pchs ad poficasso and the stcubiids, hthing sheir inips ai plghn si wt --paith int. yjim:anou c'sgt di auisep shi t onighe hash se', its po imlessibdi to sesgui it. seyou oe ite n thzohorit'n, is vi giffng oke smoey, th are inburnalg co. yo n'u cat uidisghese toum, y n' cat ralitecally lamoufhege tm, bu att wh c youo an disis dtort stcubiids, hthing sheir inips ai plghn si wt --paith int. athemhand tt'ats wh a thendrt a ie scofnce zl razzze das le iall t,abouck trithing e.e ey arsh: yle thitbrcas edllt i az"de,zlth" ame icers anaz"rezl ledazz ." on h bots sideheof tan atltic, e thnatwo tviesforansrmed sathouofnds ps shio inttifloang s workrtof a. tlikemshe rmp olya ic, isbrith ryluxuer linve con irtedanto oo tripp shtr to oranspt am aneric ts torohe finnt les. yjim:anou car cleeely s the ecurvha swhpe, maich itkes k loo iliket is ae. wav s itksstac p areedaintth so at th rte pothion ouat weld b ea gr iteste n thissun now tepain bd in.lack ylshard : anusthe sts we ho mamet. bjim:iny usvig vittd pa aernsnd vi vilod coyors, eau brek th ag im te tooihe phent woure y t don' wknowerheth a youre ok loating b the lack,ngooki at e tht,fronho or g w biacthe tual
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